Sheatherapy Limited was incorporated to specialize in the trade and export of sheabutter products, which are distributed under the brand name, Ariella Sheabutter comprising of a varied range of Sheabutter-based skincare products.

The establishment of Sheatherapy Ltd in 2012 was spurred by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council’s drive as well as the Federal Government’s associated financial incentives to encourage private enterprise to diversify into non-oil value-added industries. This provided the basis for Sheatherapy Ltd’s establishment with a mission to adhere to the highest standards in the processing and distribution of high quality sheabutter products; with a well trained and certified team to educate and service our customers on the value of using these products for health, wellness and environmentally sustainable benefits.

Sheatherapy Ltd values consistently high and sustainable standards in the quality and purity of products that will include product lines of essential sheabutter-based skincare products, bath and body products. We believe in products that are all natural, environmentally friendly and void of animal testing or artificial ingredients of any kind. Sheatherapy values and acts in the best interest of our customers and staff at all times. Sheatherapy Ltd was trained on how to process and export sheabutter to the US market by the West African Tradehub (a USAID project). Further training was also provided by GIZ. STL, a member of Global Shea Alliance, is currently developing sheabutter based cosmetic products such as: soaps, creams and massage oil using all-natural bases free of chemicals which could negatively impact the environment and overall wellbeing of the consumer.  


SOURCING, PROCESSING AND PACKAGING: The bulk of sheabutter which is handcrafted is sourced from rural women co-operatives across Northern Nigeria who were among the first cohort of trainees from our initial training programme. We are the first sheabutter company in Nigeria to obtain our NAFDAC certificate. The sheabutter is packed in 25kg, 200g jars.

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